Mixed Media Exhibit at SICA in August 2012


SICA Brings Paper Marbling by Marilyn Brackney to Main Gallery

The new exhibit opening in August at the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts will include a variety of mixed media artwork by Marilyn Brackney.

Brackney will exhibit her marbled paper and fabrics as well as her found art figures throughout the month.

Any material, whether it’s trash or gold leaf, is suitable to use as a medium for my creativity and imagination,” said Brackney.  “I like to make people think when they look at my work, and I hope to connect with them on a personal level and help them see the world in new ways.”

The SICA gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from noon to 5 pm and Saturday 11 am to 3 pm.  Admission is free. The exhibit will run through August 31.

The Art Center is located at 2001 North Ewing St. in Seymour, Indiana.

Brackney has a passion for art made out of found and recycled materials.  She is the creator and producer of the Déjà Vu Art and Fine Craft Show, an annual event in Columbus that features artists from all over the Midwest who create art by using recycled materials.

Brackney’s found art figures, also known as art dolls, will be a part of her SICA exhibit.  To create them Brackney repurposed or upcycled found pieces of antique and collectible objects.

I hope the figures amuse people and help them see the possibilities of reusing materials to create art,” said Brackney.

Brackney’s marbled work includes both paper and fabric and is created using ancient techniques that date back to 15th century Turkey and Persia.

Saturday, August 4, SICA will host a meet-the-artist reception for Marilyn Brackney in the main gallery.  Starting at 4 pm the reception is free and open to the public.

At 6 pm the final evening of Radio 96.3 WJAA Bustock Music Festival will kick-off on the outdoor stage at SICA with a BeatlesFest that will include children creating a Yellow Submarine assisted by SICA teaching artist Kay Fox.  Also scheduled is a Kids-Singing-The-Beatles Contest, and the Troy Hubbard Beatles Memorabilia Show.

All pre-concert activities are free and open to the public.  Saturday’s concert begins at 7:30 pm with Meet the Beetles, a Beatles tribute band from Chicago.

For more information call SICA at (812) 522-2278 or email sicatreasurer@frontier.com.  You can also visit SICA on Facebook.



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