Spaces & Places: Watercolor-Mixed Media

Materials & Technique: Sampler Series

This picture is part of SICA’s Sampler Series of group sessions held at the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts (SICA); Participants experience several different art media over a series of evening classes. This particular evening, there was a glass painting in one classroom and watercolor with salt and sand in the other. Other than participating in the art making process, what I enjoyed the most is viewing and listening to the interaction between the two groups once their sessions where complete.

Discussing techniques, challenges and excitements together seemed to set everyone up to experience the next sample class they were hearing about from the other class’ members. An excellent evening and great sampling idea to see what clicks and what doesn’t with each individual.

{Spaces and Places Sampler Series by Jolie Buchanan}

This is part of the Spaces and Places: Where We Create photo documentary project SICA is cosponsoring with the Art Therapy Alliance that will officially launch February 13, 2012. We’ll be posting here on our blog and joining the Art Therapy Alliance’s facebook page where they are posting photos from around the globe.

If you or your organization is interested in more information about the project check out the information at this link –> The Art Therapy Alliance.


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